Ourim Toumim is the fruit of the encounter of two talented artists Jon Grandcamp and Emma Lamadji.

Ourim Toumim gives Emma the opportunity to sing her melodies and lyrics in her mother tongue, which is the Central African Sango language, but also in English, while an all new creative playground opens for Jon,
somewhere deep between the crossroads of current and world music that both consume him.


Ourim Toumim is an artistic cry, the framework for a furiously free and sincere duo, an “Afroriginal” fusion. The band unites more musicians, such as, two guitarists, a bass guitarist, and a keyboarder, and combines African rhythms with a groovy soul energy, spiced with electro and rock music elements – a radically new style.
The language spoken by this exciting combo is universal, generous, and accessible to all.  It is the language of humanity, enhanced by its singularities.




Emma Lamadji: Voice, composition, lyrics, arrangements.

emma-1Self-taught singer, Emma Lamadji begins her musical career rather late in life joining the Afro-gospel choir Kumbaya in Montpellier, France.  Whilst being a member of various gospel choirs in Southern France, such as, Soul Travelers Quartet, Gospel Soul or Gospel Healing, she also makes conspicuous appearances as opening band for renowned gospel music artists such as Liz Mc Comb, Rhoda Scott, or Linda Lee Hopkins.
Shortly afterwards she is skyrocketed to the role of choirmaster of Gospelize It ,the hit sensation choir of Emmanuel Djob, an internationally renowned Cameroonian gospel artist.

While rediscovering the works of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Emma joins the Afro-beat band Fanga, and feels a growing need to come back to her African roots.  Afro-beat in all its facets becomes one of her artistic priorities as she flourishes in her role as co-lead singer of the astonishing dirty Afro-beat band Afrorockerz, together with Allonymous (Push Up, Jimi ténor, etc.)

This path naturally leads her to Paris, France, where she takes part in many events organized by the Afrobeat Family, a major combo of Paris Afro and Afro-beat artists under the patronage of Afrobeat no Limit and Tony Allen, himself (drummer of Fela)

It is also in the Capital that she meets the drummer Jon Grandcamp (Cheick Tidiane Seck , Charles Pasi ,Fatoumata Diawara, Eric Serra…) and Lynley Marthe. (legendary bass player of the Joe Zawinul Syndicate), They introduce her to Joe Bowie, who eventually makes her the current soloist of his famous band Defunkt.

With her artistic background she finally decides to “tell her music”, a humble blend of all her musical loves, an intense and peculiar Afro-soul music full of character, of personality that truthfully sings at every single note.


Jon Grandcamp: Drums, percussions, composition, arrangements.

jon-studio-2Jon Grandcamp grows up in an artistic environment, cradled between his dad’s old records and his mum’s paintings. Very early on, he turns his attention to the world of rhythm and percussions.
At the age of nine, Jon takes his first drum lessons with the master of percussions Denis Dionne.  It takes seven years of hard work by Denis Dionne’s side to acquire in-depth skills in drums, but also in classical percussions.

Jon is 16 when he decides to drop out of school and to commit full-time to music.
His innate curiosity leads him to try out various styles of traditional music, such as, Afro-Cuban music, Western and Central African music, flamenco, and music from the Arab world that will largely influence his career choices and his current projects.

In 2001, after 3 exciting and ambitious months spent in Los Angeles, California, Jon leaves his hometown of Strasbourg for Paris, France, the backdrop for many new experiences.
Since then, he has been working with a vast panel of artists, such as:
Charles Pasi, Eric Serra, Emma Lamadji, Bireli Lagrène, Sandra n Kaké,Omar Pene, Aziz Sahmaoui, Etienne M’Bappé, Defunkt,Doctor L, Hadrien Feraud, Zap mama, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Fatoumata Diawara, Carla Bruni, Outlines, Juan Rozof, Blick Bassy, Guimba Kouyaté, Woz Kaly, Julian Perretta, Munir Hosn, Pierce faccini, Jannick Top, Magma, Martin Laumond, Sly Johnson, Guillaume Perret, Amayo (Antibalas),Black cowboys, Afrorockerz, Lynley Marthe, Ousmane Danedjo, Guillaume Farley, Panoramic Blue, Greg Ott trio, Ostinato, Sian, Eric Lelann, Amar Sundy, Madjo, Rido Bayonne, Ben l’oncle soul, Specta, Lisa Doby, Gazelle … and so many others.

His 2009 encounter with Emma Lamadji is the beginning of their collaboration that will find inspiration in African music, in soul and funk: the birth of the Ourim Toumim project.
Both an accomplished rhythm specialist and an inspired composer, Jon works relentlessly on various sound materials ranging from blues to rock, and from groove with African roots to world music. Jon delivers with great talent a creative melting pot from a life devoted to music. It is the testimony of his precious, instinctive and flamboyant subjectivity that opens up the gates of universality.